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Advantages of Gibraltar Non-resident company
Cost effectiveness, Attractive fiscal regime, Special Status within EU, favorable tax status, no exchange controls Share Limited Company, Limited by Guarantee, Unlimited Company, Name restrictions, Management and Taxation
Taxation Qualifying company
Common European Passport regulations, Indirect Taxation (VAT), Capital Gain Taxes, Gift Taxes, Wealth Taxes Income tax, Audited reports
Exempt Company Company registration requirements
Fixed Annual Tax, Advantages, Property Holding, Investment Holding, International Trading, Banking, Insurance Shareholders, Directors, Authorized Capital, Bearer Shares, Register Agent & Office
Exempt Company Registration Changes Gibraltar Offshore Company FAQ
Gibraltar Tax Arrangements, The Agreement between the Gibraltar Government and the EC, EC Exempt Status Agreement Details, Exempt Company Alternatives Gibraltar relations with the EU, Gibraltar VAT membership
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Location, Currency, Legal System, Government, Economy, Telecommunications, Legal Background  

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